Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beautiful morning

This morning we came out to leave for school and we had this amazing double rainbow in the sky it was so beautiful! I always have my camera with me I was able to capture it with my two lovely assistants.
I believe that I am caught up! What a relief.

Were still at it

That darn sty we are still treating it with hot towels!

Sty in the eye

Wyatt went to a sleep over and came home looking like he had been socked in the eye. He had a big sty. He wouldn't let me get a picture of it so a few days later I got to get a photo of it. It looks better but not gone yet.

That's My Dog

Boy isn't he happy!

Here we are out with some friends! Bill looks like he is having fun. Don't you agree?

Tide pools

Here is a view of the beautiful tide pools from our deck. They are full of great sea life and we love to go down and explore them.

Good Friends

Here is Bill and his friend Tony at Sunset one evening.

Wyatt the smoothie Viking

Wyatt decided to make smoothies for all of us, not wanting to get his long hair in our food he wore his viking helmet without the horns. He is actually a great smoothie maker. Fresh berries, yogurt, and o.j. YUM!

Bill's uneven facial hair

Bill has been growing out this nicotine trap for some time he trimmed it and it was uneven. The left side goes out much farther than the right side. Also, you can tell that they are two different colors. Must be that he is almost 50!

Jeff's t-shirt design

Jeff was designing t-shirts prior to moving down here and this is one of his design's and logos. They are very cool.
Yes, I have not posted my pictures for a while but I have been taking pictures still daily.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Pooor Wyatt I made soup the other night and made him eat it. He did not like it because it had spinach in it. He thought I was trying to trick him with the spinach. As you can tell by the picture he would keep the spoon in his mouth for a long time, I think he was hopping it would help that spinach go down easier.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Big hole!

Today Bill and Jeff were over at my school replacing the roof over the music room that had leaked earlier this week from all the rain we had. Bill was walking behind the building and fell into an old septic hole. How luck he was that he hadn't gotten hurt. Just before he fell Wyatt had walked across that same spot.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ezekiels favorite place to sleep

Ezekiel's favorite place to sleep is in our cases of water. He gets really mad if we get a new case and he cant get into it. We only have to remove a couple bottles and he squeezes in. It is hard to believe that he is only a tear old he is so big.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

He loves his new skate board

Wyatt had been asking for 3 weeks prior to Christmas for a new skateboard, so he was given a new one. He is excite that Jeff is here because he knows how to ride really well. Today Wyatt announces that our street is to bumpy and he needs to skate on concrete only. HE HE HE Well, we are suppose to get Santa Ana's so it will be back to our normal beautiful weather.

He has arrived!

OK my computer was down and I didn't get to post anything last night so I am doing two tonight. Tuesday night Jeff arrived in his turquoise bug to move back home. He didn't bring much but he did bring two bikes. He is planning on riding across country this spring. No one is more excited to have Jeff home than Wyatt.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Survived!

I did it! I survived the entire day (Monday) of being stuck in my classroom with all 11 boys and 4 girls all day long. Thank goodness today it was not raining and they got to go outside and have P.E. and have recess. They were even gon in the morning to art class I love Tuesday!

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Friends

Well we survived the rainy weekend in our crowded tiny house. Wyatt became good friends with his cousin Damion (left) and Clare's boyfriends brother Michael (right). They enjoyed all the time they got to spend playing video games and we caught this picture in between rain showers. It has been bad here. Bill has been over to the school trying to fix a few leaks in the music room roof. I am glad to be back at school except for the fact that it is still raining and we had to be inside all day long. 11 boys and 4 girls you can only imagine.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holy Big Foot!

After spending a rainy day inside with 5 boys and 4 adults we decided, after eating lasagna and cheesecake, to go bowling. Yes, that is the size of my loving 12 year old sons shoe. Bill hadn't been bowling in years so it was a real blast dragging him out in a spontaneous way to bowl late at night. He did enjoy himself, even thought he likes to plan things ahead of time.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wyatt's favorite new game

Wyatt was blessed with this wonderful new game for his
Playstation. Guitar Hero 3. He really enjoys it. I have tried
it but of course I don't have what it takes to play this game.
It is really fun when Wyatt and his friends get together and
play against each other, they think they are great rock stars.

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year's project

The new year began with a new project. Bill began assembling a new dresser, but was very confused by the picture directions. Wyatt jumped in and took over the construction of the furniture. He gets that from me. He was very excited to get to use the power tools unsupervised. He did a great job and was concerned because the directions said it should be screwed into the wall and I said no we didn't need to. As you can see he has decided to grow his hair out again.