Monday, July 28, 2008

Road trip to Salvation Mountain

What a wonderful Sunday we had. Wyatt and I took a road trip with my girlfriend Gloria and her three kids. We went on a three hour road trip, one way, to Salvation Mountain in Niland, Ca. It was amazing. The temperature was 112 degrees and a sand storm blew threw as we were there. We all got to climb on the man made mountain (most of it was made of hay, plaster and lots of paint). Leonard Knight the man who created this mountain to Jesus was not there while we roamed around. He has added on a room to the right that is made out of hay and trees it was so cool, literally. After we left Niland we were heading back home and we say a tower and we stopped it was way cool. We were able to climb all the way to the top of it and look out and around. After that we went boulder climbing up and over boulders and through caves. This was the highlight of the trip for all the kids.We had a great day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I am still on my path to getting healthy. I have lost 40 pounds since March, I am going to boot camp 5 days a week and I just got a membership to a local gym with tons of different classes and a pool. I need to work on my cardio endurance and my upper body strength. I am not minding working out as much any more, it's kind of fun. Wyatt has even joined me at the gym, he is to young for boot camp. We are enjoying summer vacation and waiting for the weather to be sunny all day, not just in the late afternoon. Compared to the rest of the country I'll take our weather over theirs anytime.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Animal walk again

Each night after dinner the cat wants to go outside but he doesn't go far, he waits for us or me to go for our nightly walk. I grabbed my camera so I could capture it, it is quite a freek show when the dog, cat and myself are walking down the street. I read about a photo contest for a local paper so I have decided to do it on Ezekiel at the beach, since all the locals seem to know himand he knows all the locals.

Braces are on

Wyatt got his tracks on last weekend and will get the wires put on as soon as he gets 4 molars extracted. He is nervous about it biut knows that they will knock him out.

Friday, July 11, 2008

School is almost over

We have 5 more days of school left and my class is ready for it to be over, this picture says it all!

Crazy cat story

The other night I was going for my run/walk and thought I would take Bandit out to get a bit of exercise. We were not very far when a lady made a comment about how good my dog was not to be bothered by that cat behind us. I turned around and it was Ezekiel. Who as soon as I spoke to him ran up to walk with us. Bandit and I started to run and the cat started to meow so loud and crazy like he sounded like he was hurt. We stopped, then he ran up to us. Bandit and I started to run again and the screams started again, this time a women going by on her bike stopped and thought the cat was hurt. I explained to her that he was only mad because we were running. We all ended up walking round trip 2 miles, the dog the cat and myself. Along the way I met many people who knew my cat some see him on the bluff, some see him chasing squirrels, others see birds darting at him while other see him in the ocean. I even met a women who said he jumped in her car the other day. Yes I have a crazy cat that thinks he is a dog. and We are all so happy to have him back, well maybe not Bill at night. The dog, and the cat both sleep right between us at night.

4th of July

On the 4th of July my wonderful girlfriend convinced me that it would be good practice for me to get up at 4:00 am and drive 45 minutes to run a 2 mile "fun run" while they ran a 10k. What was I thinking? I went along and in the heat and humidity I did my walk/run in 24 minutes. While I was waiting for my crazy friends to finish their run the sun got higher up in the sky and I saw 6 people have to be carted off in ambulances after they finished their run. Nothing fun about killing yourself. They did have a beer garden which we hit up after everyone was finished. I was home early enough to get ready to enjoy the festivities on our street.

As is our tradition on our street for several years we have the Neptune Parade which Pat is helping to coordinate. Wyatt was in it again for the 5th year in a row. He said that this year the police stopped the parade and asked to see their permit, which of course they do not nor have they ever had one. Finally after much chanting the officer let the parade carry on. We did pass out hot dogs to all the people in the parade, only so they wouldn't come back to our party later. Jeff and Carolyn had bacon wrapped hot dogs and shrimp tacos that were so good and went so fast. The marine layer came in and we could not see the fireworks, Wyatt and Zack sat and watched to sparks off the power line across the street. Happy Birthday America!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My 41st Birthday

I celebrated my 41st birthday on July 1st. It was a great birthday! My class had a huge party for me and was very generous with the gifts. Each kid decorated a rock for my yard, which I need to take a picture of and post, they are great. Bill took me to our favorite Mexican restaurant and we drank a pitcher of margaritas then took me shopping. I know this year will be great I have all ready made so many changes in my quest to get healthy.

Billy Idol

After doing our race we went out that night to down town San Diego for a Billy Idol concert. It was a lot of fun and he was pretty good for being 52 years old. We had a great time.