Sunday, June 22, 2008

Iron Girl Race

Today was the Aflac race. Some of my CRAZY friends ran the 10k and others of us did the 5 k walk. it was so much fun but soooo hot. We had some really great food after. It was way cool walking on the actual race track that the horses race on. It was not groomed and really hard going, I guess the horses get better treatment than the wonderful 3,000 women doing the race today.

Padres Game

Bill and I were given great seat to the Padres game so we had a date night out at the game. Padres lost to the Tigers 7 - 5. The stadium is so beautiful but everything is so expensive.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A day at the dentist

Today Wyatt had to get his first cavity filled. He was very anxious about it. His entire life I had told him if he ever had to get a filling it was going to hurt soooooo bad, they will take a big needle and stab it into your gums! I brought this anxiety upon him. He sat in the dentist chair while I waited in the waiting room. After having his teeth sealed the nurse came out and said that we had to reschedule the filling because Wyatt said "My mom is late for boot cam and I have to leave, I will reschedule with you later" I was very surprised at this statement and went back to see Wyatt only to find him up from the chair and walking towards the door. I yelled at him and told him to get back in that chair. Fifteen minutes later out he came like nothing had happened. When I asked him if he got the filling he said "YES! and I didn't get a shot." He had that tooth filled without novocaine. He's the MAN. Can you see my filling? No, it's white.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today we went to my friend Dominiques to have a BBQ and swim. Gloria, Dominique and I drank several bottles of champane but it did not stop me from getting up this morning and doing my 5 k trainning this morning. Yes, I said 5 K. I an training to run in November. Happy father's Day to all the dad's out there.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We got our cat back

I was searching the shelter website today and decided that Ezekiel has been gone for so long that maybe he was in the adoption center. I looked through and I saw a picture of my cat. I started shaking and had to leave school to get him, it was only 5 minutes early. I found out that he had been adopted but the family that adopted him was allergic to him, YEAH! for us. It is so good to have found him. They snipped him and now I can't breed him, but at least we have him back.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beautiful Day in San Diego

What a beautiful day in San Diego! I am so lucky to have spent half of my life living here, I love it. We put the top down and cruised around, even with the price of gas. We went to San Diego, La Jolla and just drove along the coast, I never get tired of it here.