Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sending you all a kiss

I guess Toby K was wrong . . .

what happens down in Mexico does not always stay in Mexico. Here is a bruise I got from tripping over the two bikes I had to bring back to the car after the crash of Chris King. He is isolating his collar bone and is meeting with an orthopedic surgeon today.

More of my day

Wyatt and I as we are getting ready to leave school, I love my job.
I need to get gas but I hate to stop at the gas station!
Whoever thought we would be excited about $3.59 for gas?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Long lost friend

Wyatt was so happy to have found his really gross, dirty, nasty yellow sweatshirt this weekend. Well, actually Bandit found it in a gym bag in my closet. (really I didn't put it there) Bandit was trying to get into my gym bag and scratched part of this yellow thing out. Wyatt was elated! Me not so fond of the giant, yellow thing.

I've started a new project . . .

I will be documenting this week in my life with pictures. Things that are a part of my everyday life. Then after this week I will be getting together with some girlfriends and putting this week together in a scrapbook. I will try to post a few pictures of my daily life here.
This is my chair in my classroom that I sit in everyday and read, sing songs and teach my kids. I get great enjoyment out of watching my students sit in this chair and "play teacher".
This is my VENTI, decaf, soy latte I need on Mondays to get me going.
This is the sign I saw this morning.

Rosarito to . . .

Rosarito. I had psyched myself up all week that I would not be kidnapped in Mexico and that I was in good enough shape to ride the 50 miles to Ensanada. We got there Saturday morning , registered and were feeling really good about the race. 6,000 people you are bound to feed off that excitement. We met some veterans racers while Gloria's husband went to the front of the race to get out ahead of everyone. As we got on our bikes the race had started, my cushioned gel seat was feeling good, I noticed some horses that you could rent and ride along the beach and thought about how much fun it would be to ride along the beach. Right after the horses I see Gloria's husband standing holding his collar bone. Long story short he crashed into some slower riders fell onto his handle bars and broke his collar bone.
Gloria rand in her socks to find the paramedics while uncle Mike and I stayed with Chris. The paramedics came and wanted to life flight him to UCSD but they couldn't get the helicopter in because of all the people. The ambulance came and drove Chris and Gloria to the border then transfered him into another ambulance in the US and took him to UCSD hospital. Mike and I were left to get all four bikes back to the car, which for all of you who know me and my coordination it was a challenge at first. (I fell onto my bike when a kid jumped out wanting me to buy his candy)
Once we got the bikes onto the car Mike and I went to breakfast, I had to trade the beer and taco stops for a waffle with strawberries. It was still good, probably because I was so hungry. After we ate we knew the boarder line would be long so Uncle Mike took me over to the Rosaritio Beach Hotel and we walked out onto the peer. LOTS of people fishing and not caring if you were behind them when then cast out. After two hours of waiting we finally made it to the boarder check point and got back to the US. All in all I was in Mexico for FIVE hours. I am just glad that it wasn't worse.
I told you that to hear about my trip would be worth the wait.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rosarito bike race

Here is a picture I stole from Gloria's blog site. This was before the race began. I will have my pictures uploaded tomorrow and I will tell all about the race. It will be worth the wait, trust me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Count down is on

Yesterday we (Wyatt and I) started the official count down to being 50 years old. Yes, Bill will be turning 50 on the 24th of October, he is not taking it so well. I try to explain to him that it is only a number and being half a century old doesn't mean a thing, you are only as old as you feel. He must be feeling really, really old because he doesn't like us talking about it. SO SORRY (NOT!) HEEEE

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another girls night out

Last night we had another wonderful, fun filled "hot mom's" night out, we had such a great time. It is so nice to get out with girlfriends and laugh and just have fun. Actually, I laughed so much last night that my stomach hurt this morning. I am sure that it had nothing to do with all the mojitos or wine that I drank. We stopped into Urban Outfitters and I bought a hat, I'm not even sure that I tried it on or that it will look good on me but I am sure that Amber would say it is such a Bolder thing and not to wear it here. I am so grateful that I have such great friends and we get to go out and have fun.

We parked Dominique's car at Horton Plaza and I swear we parked by a pretty 2 but we didn't and lost the car. We walked around the parking garage for what seemed like an hour, sort of like that Seinfeld episode. I called for assistance thinking some nice person in a cart would come rescue us, no such luck, all she said was that we must have parked by the pineapple. We went up a couple of floors and found her car. Thank God we go out of their.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mt. Shasta

I finally got a phone call from Jeff. He has been gone for two weeks, he and a friends went up north to climb Mt. Shasta. He said it was fun and scary, exciting and cold. He had a great time. They are now heading up to Seattle for a week and a half then Jeff is heading back south towards New Mexico. Hopefully i will get some pictures for my blog as soon as he gets back. He doe not like people pictures only landscape photo's. It will be doubtful we will see actual pictures of him.


Yesterday right after school I went over to help my girlfriend with her daughters birthday party. She invited 10 kids to go to Corvette's Dinner then to a movie. Yes she needed chaperon help! She is working really hard at being the mom that gives boundaries and follows through with them and her daughter is struggling with that because "mom as always been the nice one." I know it is hard for both of them but in the end their relationship will be stronger. It was a lot of fun, especially since all the kids go to my school. I had a good time teasing the girls that I would be staying the night and sleeping in the living room with the.

Monday, September 15, 2008

1 month up date

Here are Wyatt's teeth after 1 month in his braces. They have already moved a lot.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Volunteer for a good cause

Saturday I volunteered to help out Scrapbook Royalty with a fundraiser to raise funds for autism. It was amazing! I met so many talented amazing women. I had met this woman Jana, from Murrietta, who was here volunteering for the first time as well. She told me she was not at all crafty or a scrapbooker but she was there to give back. He husband died 5 months ago from prostrate cancer and Scrapbook Royalty held a fundraiser to help her and her two children out. Jana is now got to file an appeal with the government to get her husbands military benefits. He served in our military for many years and after Desert Storm he retired and after that he was diagnosed with cancer. The government is telling her that he didn't die in active duty so she gets nothing. Five men from her husbands squad also have been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Jana was an amazing women who now has to struggle with college education and taking care of herself. The government did give her $600.00 for burial expenses, that was enough for the obituary.

Back 2 school picnic

Friday we had our back to school picnic at a local park near our school. Wyatt had planned to meet several friends at the park, of course they all wanted to skateboard. I didn't see much of them but I did get a chance to snap a few photos.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We remember ...

Wyatt and I were talking and remembering where we were 7 years ago when we watched the Twin Towers get hit and fall. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were snuggling in bed (6:00 am), it was nice when they are 6 and want to snuggle with you, we were watching the news to find out what the weather would be like so we would know how to dress for the day. When we saw the first building I thought it was an accident. Watching the second plane fly around and right into the building was so surreal. As the buildings fell Wyatt asked what happened to all the people that were at work, I remember crying and telling him that many of them were still inside. Not realizing how many. Going to work that morning all the parents were so worried about leaving their children and I had to explain to them in a fake cheerful way that they were in a good place to be distracted by their friends. In the days and months that followed I was amazed at how out country came together. Why does it take such a tragedy to bring people to a place of peace and understanding of one another.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of school

Today was our first day of school. I didn't sleep much last night thinking of all the things I wanted to get done this morning. I had everything done since I spent the entire weekend at school and no one is going to notice if I don't have something done only I will know. I put so much pressure on myself and have such high expectations for myself that I make myself crazy.


Sting ray attack

Jeff was walking along the beach yesterday and got stung in the heal by a sting ray. He had to have the lifeguards bring him home and soak his food in hot water. He said it relieved the pain in his leg. Jeff said it was the worst pain he had ever felt in his 21 years of life.

Lego land

After 2 years of not wanting to go to Lego land because "I am to big" Wyatt decided he wanted to go, I think he missed the apple fries. YUM! We went after my open house at school with my friend and her kids it was a short sweet visit with a yummy, giant, never be able to eat it all brownie hot fudge sundae. We had a great time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer's almost gone!

Wow this summer has gone by so fast! We are finally going back to school on Monday I am getting excited for another new year with my little ones but it makes me sad at how fast Wyatt has grow and we can never get those precious days back again. He will be going into the 8th grade this year and so wants to be independent and do his own thing. He loves to go to the beach, (even if none of his friends are around) skateboard and his new thing that we get to do together is go to the gym. He asked me the other day on our way back from Lego land why I never had another baby after him. He said he wished he had a brother a year younger than him. I think that he enjoyed being at Lego land with my girlfriend and her 3 kids and running around with them and even with the tears, screaming and craziness of it all he really enjoyed it with kids he thinks of as family. Oh how I miss the days of him being 3 years old and running around like that and loving life, even though he still does it is different when you are 3 years old. It has been a journey and a joy watching him grow and become the young man that I know will make me proud. A new journey in his life is beginning and I will enjoy it as I run behind him watching him as he goes along, hopefully he will still want to include me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breakfast for dinner

My guy loves it when I make him breakfast for dinner so after we got back from the zoo that is just what I made. His favorite is 2 pancakes, 1 egg, 1 sausage, potato and fruit (tonight was mango). It was just such a "great finish to a great week mom". How come I can't make simple things like breakfast for dinner and fix all his world problems? I must admit I was inspired by the walrus at the zoo.

Another tourist day with my kid

Again on Wednesday Wyatt, Bill and I ventured out to the San Diego Zoo. It is such a beautiful place and they do such great research and help endangered animals. I feel so blessed to live here in San Diego and have amazing things to do all the time. Wyatt and I are getting kind of sad and excited about school starting back up, it has been really fun hanging out and enjoying our great city.

A day with my son

Admission to Sea World~ $0.00
Churro~ $4.00
Scorpion Tattoo ~$8.00
Lunch ~$14.00
Spraying water at Ship Wreck Rapids~ $2.00
Spending a wonderful day with my kid ~priceless

You know that as a mom you have done something right when your 13 year old child still wants to hang out with you and spend the day at one of your favorite tourist places in San Diego. It is so nice to see that he enjoys going to Sea World and getting totally soaked on the 4 times around, without ever getting off, Ship Wreck Rapids. It is days like these, the laughs and memories that I will cherish always.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Poker Night at Pat's

The other night Shane came down and of course we had to play poker. Yes, I am teaching my 13 year old to be a card shark. I never do so well at cards but it is really fun. I went home $2.00 down, so that's not to bad.