Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at school

Today we did our fall festival at school and I went as a spider web. This picture doesn't do it justice. I had sticks and leaves and baby spiders all over myself. The kids in my class loved it.

Pumpkin Carving

Last night the boys carved their pumpkins, giving me total credit for their anal scraping of the inside of their pumpkins. This is a trait that I got from my dad and the boys both got from me. It is so wonderful having Jeff home, it was just like old times watching both of the boys on the kitchen floor laughing and carving pumpkins, it makes me happy that Jeff is still wanting to do that kind of stuff with us. HAPPY HALLOWEEN

I love my ice cream

This picture made me think of my time I use to spend with my grandparents in Milo, we ate ice cream together every night. Last night Wyatt and Jeanne were sitting on the couch eating ice cream each boasting that they loved their ice cream and asking the other to sample theirs. These are great moments that make me happy I have my camera with me all the time.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween with Mom's Group

Last night my moms group went out to Barbarella a restaurant in La Jolla we had such a great time, the entire restaurant is decked out for Halloween even the seat cushions were recovered in Halloween fabric. It was really fun several kids were dressed up and kept coming up to look at us, probably not sure what to think of adults wearing costumes and it's not even Halloween. We had a great time after we ate and took a ton of pictures we went to this bar/pool hall called The Shack I had not played pool since I was a kid and I totally stunk, but it was really fun.

Monday, October 27, 2008

America's Smallet Starbucks

This weekend I went to the mall with a couple of girlfriends and went into the Starbucks at Fashion Valley Mall. After waiting in line to enter Starbucks I saw this sign that it was the smallest Starbucks in America. You take two steps in the door to the counter, then about four steps to the pick up counter, then another two steps to the exit. No seats inside I guess if they were to pick a place for the smallest Starbucks Southern California is the best place for it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oral Presentation

Today Wyatt had to dress up as a professor and give an oral presentation. I am sure that he did a great job, he has no problem getting up and speaking in front of his class.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Susan G Komen Fundraiser

Saturday morning I got up and went to do Survivor Crop with some girlfriends, was I ever blown away when we arrived at Ever After for the pre-crop breakfast, silent auction pre-everything shin dig. It was crazy so many women, so much food so much passion. After eating, bidding and shopping we headed over to the warehouse where this EVENT was being held. It was amazing you walk in and their are 20 tables called islands and each island has a theme all pertaining to breast cancer awareness or prevention. The 24 hours of fun had begun. The middle picture was of women attending this event who were breast cancer survivors, they all had amazing stories. I got projects done for my class, we took a ton of pictures, the above one is all the women from my island the "Royal Cupcakes" these women are amazing and creative and so kind and wow I am amazed my all of them, many I had met prior to coming to the "island". I was able to get a massage for 15 minutes at 7:45 thanks to Gloria for signing me up, they filled up super quick! We had lots of Starbucks, Monster and Red Bull and a ton of sugar (no, I did not eat but 1 piece of candy, I am still sticking to my Weight Watchers program). I came home with so much free stuff I don't know where I am going to put it all. This was such a great weekend, I hope I get invited to do it again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cupcake tiara's

Last night Gloria and I made 20 beautiful, pink cupcake tiara's for a fundraiser for this weekend. The fundraiser is for the Susan G Komen foundation. Tomorrow I am off to decorate the "Royal Cupcakes" table. It should be a lot of fun. 24 hours of scrap booking, crafts, giggles and laughs. I will let you know how it goes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Gift for a Friend

My friend Gloria loves owls! Last weekend my neighbors, with the bronze horse, were having their estate sale and I really wanted to get this porcelain owl pot, when I went to get it an hour into the sale it had been sold. Who else would want that porcelain owl? The people running the sale told me they had this bronze owl that was flat on the top. I was like O.K. I saw it and thought this is so big but Gloria might like it. I took it to her house while she was gone and set it by her front door, she never parks in her garage. Several hours later I get this screaming, frantic call from her loving her new owl. I was so glad. It is so nice to give something to someone and have them be so excited about it. I love giving gifts just because it will make someone happy, especially for no reason, just as a surprise.

Would you give candy to this kid

The other night Wyatt came into my room and said he "I found a better costume for Halloween" when I saw this I practically weed (a British term I picked up from an English friend) myself. What do you think?

Pumpkin surgery

Last weekend we began decorating for Halloween. I pulled our all my foam pumpkins, since I cannot have real ones yet because my dog and all the wild animals eat them, and one was broken but I put it out anyway. I came home a few day later and noticed that he had been given a new surgical procedure which left him with an awful under bite. No one in the house will take credit for this foam surgery but I am told that my pumpkin will have those staples for the rest of his days.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Banner

Last night I went to my first real scrapbooking craft class in Murrietta. It was amazing, we made these beautiful Trick or Treat banners designed (and totally prepped) by this amazing scrapbooker named Jennifer Priest the class was so fun! It took me four hours to make this beautiful banner. I was very impressed with it. I want everyone to be able to see it but not touch it nor do I want it to fade. I am a huge fan of this product we had to spray on our banners called Glitter Mist it is so cool, it made the entire thing look antiqued.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Old Guys Rule?

Maybe Bill is accepting the fact that he turns 50 in a few weeks, he is wearing this shirt more often, but then again maybe he using reverse psychology on us. Jeff will be back home on Monday and he enjoys the teasing as much as Wyatt and I do. I will keep you informed. I was thinking of doing a New Orleans style funeral themed birthday party but he will not be home and he HATES parties for himself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One last visit with the horse

On Sunday Wyatt and I went over to the neighbors house for one last visit with this life size bronze horse. Both of the neighbors have passed away and the family was having an estate sale to get rid of everything, including the bronze horse that Wyatt spent many hours riding as a toddler. He must have logged at least 1,000 hours on that horse. Mr. Johnson (the former owner of the horse) enjoyed watching Wyatt ride him all over the place, even to Maine. Now the horse has been sold, if I had the $1200.00 I would have purchased him just for all the memories. We did hear that a couple with a young toddler bought the horse and she had already begun her riding journey right there in the same yard that my young toddler rode that horse almost every day for 3 years. So Sunday was our day to go say good by to the old bronze horse, even though Wyatt is now to big to ride him it was nice to know that he was their and to be able to see him through the red gate each day. So it is time to say Good Bye Bronze Horse and have fun with your new toddler and may she have many years of fond memories like we do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last day of my daily life photos

This has been a super fun challenge. Today I didn't do much just hung up Halloween decorations and trimmed a few trees and laundry. I did get some cool pictures and captured Wyatt up on the ladder with the staple gun, Wyatt is scared of any heights, but is working hard to get comfortable with it. Tomorrow my class will be so excited to see all my pictures of the Blue Angles and to get the free gifts that the Navy gave them, including a little Blue Angles video. While taking these pictures this week I got pictures of the gas prices dropping $00.10. Pretty cool.

Saturday pictures

I went to the Mira Mar Air show Saturday it was unbelievable. Those planes and helicopters should not be able to do the things that they did. I went in the Blue Angles flight simulator and I even held a gun! It was amazing. I think I found out where all our military spending is going. . . to pimp out their hummers, they have the most amazing stereos in them.

Friday Pictures

Friday was such a great day! I got to go to school and my favorite cat was there. This cat came every day when Ezekiel was missing for 5 weeks last year. I love this cat. After school I got to do a total girl thing, I got to go watch a ballet class. It was so cute! For a fast moment I wished that I had a girl, only for a blink of my eye moment. I made 2 super cute bulletin boards for my classroom. Pictures to follow.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My daily pictures for Thursday

The pictures go on. I have pulled out all my books on photography and really thinking about the pictures I take. The most challenging part of this challenge for me is not always having a person in my pictures. I can am getting excited to see how we are going to use all these pictures.

He takes after his mom

Jason, my wonderful boot camp torturer started up a kids boot camp and of course Wyatt jumped on the chance to join Jason in the fitness quest. It was an hour of fun activities and exercise. Wyatt loved it! Four of the seven kids were from his school so that helps as well.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I started playing with my camera yesterday and I discovered that I could take a colored picture and take away the color except only in one spot of my choice. Is that cool or what? I was so excited. I am loving this life documenting challenge, it is so much fun. My family already knew me as the stalkarazzi but now they and many other people think I am just a crazy women with a camera. I am documenting every thing! Kinko's and I are going to become real great friends.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A great laugh!

If I did not get home first I would never have seen this and it gave me such a great laugh, he has officially entered the world of the aged. I know I will be there in several years but it is a number and I embrace each year of my life. Bill just makes it so much fun because he takes it so hard and he gets really annoyed