Monday, November 30, 2009

25 days of Christmas begins

Elana's party 052, originally uploaded by schulz_cathy.

Tomorrow begings my 25 days of Christmas, I will be posting a photograph of something or someone that touches my heart this holiday season.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back from my trip to Maine

I got back to San Diego last night ans my flight was 40 minutes early. I was shocked. Today was a beautiful 78 degrees and S U N N Y! I love the sunshine! I did get more sunny days than gray days while I was in Maine.
Now that I am home I can start working on some of my more creative things I have floating around my head.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shimmering, Shinning, Loveliness

Again this morning I woke up to the ground being covered with these tiny frozen droplets of ice covering the ground. I threw on my Uggs, grabbed my camera and went outside to capture some of natures beauty. For those of you that know me know I am a fan of actual people in my pictures so this trip to Maine is forcing me to capture and enjoy Mother Nature's work.
Frost laying on the grass ay 29 degrees.
A dead fall leaf holing onto the little shimmering ice crystals

Sunlight shinning through the trees
A crow sitting in a bare tree
The thermometer outside the kitchen window at noon. The hottest point of the house.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

City Forest

This morning I got up and went to the City Forest, kind of redundant since all of Maine is a forest but I had never seen it. It was beautiful! As I entered through the gates there was a sign that warned of Great Horned Owls nesting and may attack. Of course I went looking for them but the only animal I saw was a 6 point buck on the hood of a pick up truck leaving the area. Crazy I know but I am in the woods of Maine and it is hunting season and . . .
Here is some frost on some sticks at the base of a culvert, I had wished it were snow but no luck.
This is a small pond and that big hill in the back ground is where the kids go sledding in the winter, it really makes me wish there was snow. Really that hill is man made. . . it use to be the Bangor City dump. :)

Her is the beaver damn in the small pond, it was so beautiful the pond with the morning sun shining on it.
This was a frozen bit of water but it looked so great, almost like a shadow of a women looking.
They have these cool rocks on top of rocks here too! Someone went into the woods and built it, I love these they remind me of the beaches at home.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I come by it honestly

OK Yes, I admit it. . . I have a problem. . . I love shoes, what girl doesn't? Well I know I really come by it honestly, I have been trained to appreciate shoes! I am a great fan of footwear and if I can get it on sale even better, not necessary but better.
I now realize whee I was trained from . . . .
Yes, this sweet, angelic face did it to me! She too loves shoes, and ohhh do not forget the love a good bag, handbag or just a bag. AAAAHHHHHHH! Thank you for the love of shoes and bags!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My nephew Kyle

Here is my 13 year old nephew and I in the back of my sisters car. Can't you tell how excited he was to be with all the girls? He is a video game addict and was going through withdrawls. I was glad to get to have part of the day with hin since I only got to see him once this summer. He has big plans to come visit me in California for the summer. . .we'll see if he does or not.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Me and my sistahs

Today we had a Thanksgiving lunch while I was here in Maine, its the only time everyone really gets together ( when I am home). HEHEEHE! My mom got sick I, so my sisters and I got things ready well. . . everyone brought stuff. I only had one thing to make and it didn't come out as it usually does. Lots of yummy food and fried turkey a first for me, and it wasn't to bad. My little sister Jennie made these delicious cranberry bars that were unbelievable and oooohhhhhh
so bad for you. I am going to get the recipe for them and make them. :)

Saturday night sunset

The sunset last night was so beautiful, almost as beautiful as my back yard. I forget they have those beautiful colors in their sky here as well.

Friday Night Lights

Friday night I met up with some friends from high school and went to my old high school football game, it was for the Eastern Maine Championships. Bangor Rams won 24 to 7 way to go Rams! I was super warm except my toes, so we left at half time and went someplace warmer.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Drive

I arrived in Maine last night, it was 32 and cold, I loved it. This morning my dad wanted to take me up to the lake and then over to see his new lot. On our travels to and from the woods I saw many interesting things, I saw a bunch of wild turkeys but when we co the truck turned around and drove back to them they were going back into the forest.
Here were 5 very health deer out in a field grazing, you may be asking yourself why would the deer be out in plain site turning during hunting season. . . well these deer were smart and moved into a protected game reserve, they can not be killed while on this property. I think they like to tease the hunters.

On the camp road we saw this cute little partridge. No we did not see the pear tree. Now this bird could have been shot but luck for him the only shooting aimed at this bird was my camera.

On our way back home we saw this ice that was broken and hung up on the trees, it was way cool. I snapped a bunch of pictures of it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love learning new things each day

Ok so tonight I was blog hopping and I came across a super cool blog. It had an amazing pictures. It was asking if you had ever thought about what your living bone looked like. . . I had never thought about it. I thought it was like the white ones we think of bones being. WRONG! Those are dead, dry bones. This is what the bones living inside our body look like, pretty cool huh? I think so too.

It looks like a juicy, yummy fruit. I would have had no idea what this was if I were asked, I am always amazed to learn something new everyday.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another week gone by. . .

OK I haven't blogged in a week I woke up with the beginning of a head cold Monday morning and have been fighting it all week, it never turned into much thank goodness. Yesterday was another crazy day! Wyatt had robotics workshops all day at his school and I was suppose to sit in classes and make sure there were no chairs flying across the room or other destruction. . . RIGHT! Are you kidding me there was a teacher and several adults and high school students in each class. I went into a workshop, late because Wyatt had an orthodontist appointment, the instructor says to me " Are you taking this workshop?" I told him no I was just checking and he started taking about things I had no idea about. . . ugggggg! I decided I would leave the school and go shopping. So I ran to my car went to buy things for my class and then went to the mall, AHHHHHH much better, I understand this.
After I got home I had to get ready for a surprise party Deidra planned a party for Kristen at AJ's house and it was a lot of fun. I am so glad it is Sunday and all I have to do it laundry, clean, mop floors and try to plan what I am gonna bring to Maine Thursday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Race 4 a Cure

I got up in the very dark, dark morning to head down to San Diego for a really great cause, a breast cancer awareness walk. Several people from our school walked in honor of Linda Wulle, a wonderful women who was the director of our school. For some members of Team Linda it was their first race ever. It is amazing what a great cause can bring out in people. Deidra and I walking on the freeway that they closed off for thr race, It's pretty cool to be walking on a freeway with traffic zooming by you on the other side. :) This was Deidra's first walk of any kind and I think she might be hooked now.
This is a group shot of Team Linda at the finish line. It was a beautiful day in America's Finest City for a walk. As you can tell we all stood out in our shirts.