Saturday, April 16, 2011

What makes you happy?

Try to make at least one person happy everyday and in forty years you will have made 14,600

people happy at least for a short time.

I love these Chinese Lantern flowers I think they are so unique and beautiful and they make me happy to look at. Another crazy weekend filled with robotics and a school golf clinic fundraiser. Right now as I am typing this I am making homemade pasta sauce to take down to feed The Holy Cows, they have practice until late tonight and need to be feed. Hungry cows = grumpy cows!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shinning, it was warm and I got to put the A/C on while I drove to pick up Wyatt tonight. Today while at school we had a very fancy ice cream truck come to school for one of my students birthdays and then me and my kindergarten class went down to a dance/disco party in the middle school, this was a dance party with a full DJ! It was pretty sweet. I had so much fun a couple of days ago photographing this sweet thing. Do you remember how much fun it is to play with helium balloons? We had so much fun snapping pictures and playing around.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Support

You know how wonderful it is to have great besties? You know them the ones who will show up at your house when they haven't heard from you in a week and kidnap you and take you out just to visit. Yup I have those kind of true friends. Well on my recent trip to San Jose I had all kinds of drama with parents and it really bothers me, I do not like drama or people being upset, especially when children are involved.
Tuesday night I had a parent meeting to go over the details for the World Championships in St. Louis, yup you guessed it drama mama was there. She was asking the dumbest questions and all of our blood was boiling. After the meeting she was told that her and her child would not be able to attend STL due to circumstance on San Jose. She was beyond mad. She went out and was complaining for 20 minutes to some other parents about how awful I am and I need to leave the team and she wants my "job". My "job" is a kindergarten teacher I volunteer to help out!
Ok so that was my tangent. . . .I get a call when I get home from my sweet friend, who is on vacation on the east coast, just to see how the meeting went. We talked for an hour it is so nice to have girlfriends who will call you from their vacations just to see how a difficult situation turned out. The next day this amazing bottle of Opolo Mountain Zinfandel arrived at my house with the sweetest note. I am saving it until the three of us can drink it and watch the sunset. I love you girls and thanks for being there!! Love you

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surprise Party

Thursday was Wyatts 16th birthday and we took him out to dinner, I am pretty sure he thought I might do something. . . but no it was pretty uneventful. But Friday I had plans with the help of Jon Jack and Carmel. Jon called a drivers "practice" but actually they were going to go play laser tag. Jon told them that a sponsor gave them a gift certificate to play since they won the Silicon Valley Regional, then they were going to be treated to dinner at Corvettes. I was at Corvettes with several of Wyatts other team members and school friends. They all live to far from the house to get up here. When Wyatt came in he thought Jon had invited me to come eat with them. He was surprised and happy to have a party.
17 milkshakes, 19 burgers and fries and 2 salads later everyone was full and happy

Instead of the usual ice cream sundae I asked them to bring out a platter of Cotton Candy, they put a candle in it and sang to him. The Cotton Candy was a big hit.
The girls created moustaches and farm animals with it
This was the favorite gift of the evening. Carmel made him this, I am not sure what it is but it is cute. My favorite gift was his first aide kid from a girl on his team (he is a little accident prone).

Tonight we are having all the neighborhood kids and old time friends over for a BBQ. The never ending 16th birthday.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

One of 6 semi finalist

High Tech High International is one of six semi-finalist in a competition for President Barack Obama to speak at their commencement ceremony. The cool thing is that all 3 high schools in the High Tech Village share their graduation ceremony.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FIRST SVR Finals Round 1 2011 Logomotion

FIRST SVR Finals Round 2 2011 Logomotion

Tuesday. . . Tuesday. . . Tuesday

WOW getting back to work is so refreshing after the weekend of fun, exciting, crazy, parent filled dram weekend. I was looking through my pictures and I felt just like this baby gorilla scratching his head this past weekend. 2 parents on each side of me full of drama and craziness.
I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, I am very busy getting ready for Open House Friday.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

San Jose weekend

This weekend was another crazy robotics regional competition in San Jose. We got on a charter bus and drove 10 hours to San Jose. . .ok I was not part of the "we" I drove up with my friend Sally whose daughter is a senior on the team. As with every competition it is crazy for me, feeding the team, taking lots of photos, and making sure the kids are where they are suppose to be. They kept winning each match and by the time we left the arena they were undefeated. Saturday they lost their first match to the only other undefeated team and the competition was good and it ended up coming down to who could get their mini bot up the pole first. . . they beat us and it was fine, we knew we would be chosen to be on their alliance in the end. Team 254 The Cheesy Poofs chose us, they have won 12 Silicon Valley Regional competitions. We were all super excited. Here is Wyatt during a time out during the finals helping Jon get Daisy Maize ready to bust a mooove during our event. Wyatt was really nervous during the finals, he will tell you no but I watched his body language change. He did awesome and I am one super proud mom. Here they are right after they were announced winners!This was the very first time the Cows have won a Regional.

Here are the mentors and the drive team left to right is David, Jeremy, Ethan, Wyatt, Jon and Bill.

Way to go Holy Cows!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


This is very cool! This is what Wyatt and his team The Holy Cows have been working so hard for. They qualified to the Championships by winning the San Diego Regional Chairman's Award, the most prestigious award in FIRST even more so than winning the competition itself. We head out to St. Louis soon!