Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strange weather

We have had some very strange weather here in San Diego Monday it was 98 degrees on the coast then today we had down pours, thunder and lightning all day. Tonight we had the most amazing full double rainbow with the most amazing raspberry colored sky, it was beautiful.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Boys

It is rare that I get pictures of my boys neither one of them like their picture taken, they see my camera and run. Last weekend we were at the beach so I managed to sneak a couple. I reallt want one of them standing beside each other, Wyatt towers over his older brother Jeff.
Wyatt can stand on his tip toes and touch our 9 foot high ceiling.
Here is a picture of Wyatt, Jeanne and Jeff at Aliso Creek in Laguna Beach.

John and Dawn

My brother won a trip to San Diego thru his work and they got to stay at the Hotel Del in Coronado, it was so nice getting to visit with them. I took them to their favorite hamburger place, In-N-Out Burger I don't think Dawn was impressed, but John loves it. Saturday was John's big, black tie award dinner I was so happy to get to go down and see them all dressed up, usually I see John in a hat. They looked awesome!!!

Dawn had called me earlier in the day to see if I would come down and do her hair. . . I do not have girls and do not really know how to do hair but I agreed and bagged up some stuff and tried to do what she wanted for the event. She loved it, so I was happy, but a hair stylest I am not.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Blog

I have been away for awhile and thought I should share some of my beautiful summer beach pictures. Our summer here was cold and gray but I still got some great pictures.

Here is a tide pool with a great shot of a sea star, I love my fisheye lens it is so much fun! I do not know those cute kids but they were having so much fun.
Sea Lions on the rocks in La Jolla, they are loud and smelly but I feel so blessed to be able to live where I can see them up close and personal.