Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
We need to talk,
I have been so distant,

I am not even sure what to do about it, I have no excuse . . . I have been busy but no busier than usual, I still carry my camera around and take pictures every day. I always have lots to say I am not sure what it is, maybe its the July Cry weather (gray, gloomy and cold weather) we have only had about 7 days of sunshine in the last 3 months.

Today I went to a memorial service for a 45 year old teacher I use to teach with, she had gallbladder cancer and when they caught it 9 months ago it was already a stage 4. She has a young son who will be entering 7th grade this year. She new her lord and saviour and knew where she would be spending eternity but it makes you stop and think. . . am I enjoying each and every day that I am here and healthy? I always try to do this because who knows what my tomorrow will be.

Summer is here blog and I only have a few more summers to enjoy with my son, he is growing up so fast and soon he will be heading off to college. There are not to many more days of summer for the two of us. I am heading to Palm Springs tomorrow for a bit of sunshine, swimming and R&R. AHHHH.

Oh Blog I enjoy you and miss you.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So far 15 . . .

has been not the best year ever! It started off with the fall off the skateboard and cutting up the face, then puberty hit dropped T's and all the changes, and now a ruptured eardrum. Yup my baby has a ruptured eardrum, the day before he is suppose to fly to Indiana for a robotics competition. We spent our evening at the Dr. office, got antibiotics, ear drops, a bottle of motrin and a travel size Vaseline and cotton balls. Tomorrow morning I am sending my 15 year old baby and his ruptured eardrum off across the country with 2 men and 4 other teenage boys. NO I am not going on this trip, I didn't plan on going because I really wanted Wyatt to travel without me and now I feel bad and at the same time I know he is fully capable of taking all his meds and stuff himself. . . OK I wrote him out a full schedule of when to take everything and showed him where on the dropper 3 drops is. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goddess for a day

Today was my class end of the year party and the kids all got their faces painted so after they got theirs done they wanted me to get mine painted. After school forgetting that I had my face painted I went to the nursing home to visit Lou well all the seniors were so excited to see my flower. One man who had a stroke was yelling for me to come over to him so I did and he told me I looked like a goddess and grabbed me and hugged me not wanting to let go. I think I should
go be a goddess everyday.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Today we went to Dominiques for the 4th, it was so cold the sun never came out! We had delicious Armenian food and Wyatt had a great time in the pool (he didn't care that it was cold or gray). We finally got up our nerve to get into the jacuzzi, it wasn't because it wouldn't be warm it was the getting out into the ice cold air that made us all not want to get in.
I hope everyone had a great day. My birthday was great I have been celebrating and eating out with friends for days, I am so lucky.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

43 things to do in my 43rd year

  1. Crotchet 2 afghans
  2. Make myself a quilt
  3. Always have fresh flowers on my table
  4. Go back to WW
  5. Spend more time with Wyatt
  6. Take pictures with film and get better at it
  7. Take another photography class
  8. Go on a girls only get away
  9. Blow up one of my own photos REALLY big
  10. Stretch more
  11. Wish on more dandelions
  12. Be sillier
  13. Learn to surf
  14. Purge more
  15. Wear more dresses and skirts
  16. Volunteer more
  17. Learn a new language
  18. Be more disciplined
  19. Go on a shopping trip to the Grove in LA
  20. Host some military for Thanksgiving
  21. Send more handwritten notes via mail
  22. Go horseback riding
  23. Step outside my comfort zone
  24. Meet new friends
  25. Give up caffeine
  26. Get a haircut and new style
  27. Take a cooking class
  28. Have a makeover
  29. Drive up the coast to San Fran
  30. Learn to snowboard
  31. Do a cartwheel
  32. Secretly help someone in need
  33. Write a kids book
  34. Pay it forward
  35. Learn to make pasta
  36. Call a psychic
  37. Give blood
  38. Stay in a hotel downtown SD
  39. Sleep in a tent
  40. Do something spontaneous
  41. Make a necklace
  42. Walk on the beach more
  43. Make a wedding cake