Sunday, September 16, 2012

Did you know?

So my life has been really busy, I mean really busy and I love it! Lately, ok well maybe over the last year or so when I am unloading the dishes out of the dishwasher I have noticed  sandy looking particle on my glasses as well as a cloudy film. I would ask my plumber about it and he would say "Oh run some CLR thru your machine it probably needs a cleaning." Ok, my plumber lives 4 houses from me so I can ask him questions without being charged. CLR didn't help, vinegar didn't help nothing was helping get rid of those grains of grit. I figured I would just have to continue washing my classes by hand. AAUUUGGGHHHH!
Friday morning I got on Pinterest to pull up an activity for my kindergarten class and I saw a pin on how to clean your dishwasher. I opened up the blog it was pinned from and printed the directions for later and threw them into my purse, hoping I would have time to read them later.
When I finally got home from my meeting at 10:00pm Friday night I pulled out the direction and read that my dishwasher has a FILTER, who knew?!?!!? Since my house was completely empty (everyone was in San Francisco for the week and not coming home until Sat) I thought I would open up the filter and see what was going on.
Being 10:15pm I refused to go out into the garage and look for the sockets needed  to remove the filter. I had a pair of pliers and figured I would use it. With some patience I removed the filter from the back of my dishwasher. When I turned the filter over I was shocked at what I saw on that filter. . . years of built up dishwasher detergent, gunk and mold. Yes, mold the water under the filter doesn't drain all the way out (that will be another project to clear the drain).  It was the grosses thing I had ever seen.
After and hour and a half of soaking, scrubbing, and picking I got that filter cleaned and returned to the back of my dishwasher.  You should check your filter as well, I am going to try to make it an annual job because it was so nasty.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Manicure experience

The other day I went in to get a much needed manicure. I tried out a new place in Del Mar, not near the beach Del Mar.
I should have followed my instincts when I walked into shop and there were 4 inch red sticker numbers on each of the 12 manicure tables, a pile of towels in the corner (don't know if they were clean or dirty).
After being greeted and telling the pregnant lady who was walking around outside what I wanted I was directed into the back. One of the ladies was directing me to the pedicure chair, I explained to her that I only wanted a manicure.
My nails were a mess and the older lady says "oh your nails are soooo short and cute!" she begins trimming my cuticles where she cuts down to much on my middle finger and blood is gushing out like Old Faithful. She rips offa piece of cotton and takes a dropper from her purse with some blue liquid that was obvious she added herself. I told her to hold up an asked what that was. She replied "it will stop the bleeding", foolish me I let her continue bleeding finger an all.
Once my nails are filed short and painted she proceeds to move my hair and begins rubbing my overly tense neck ( it didn't feel to bad). Before I knew it her had was down the back of my shirt and he is rubbing my shoulders and back, really?!? I tell her to stop and she proceeds to move her hands forward towards my chest. OMG.! I jump up out of my chair and ask her how much I owed her.
I guess I will not be going to that place ever again!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

He's growing up

Wyatt is filling out an application for work. Yeah!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Today was our annual Neptune Ave 4th of July parade, it was a lot of fun!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A harsh realization

You know as a parent of a new born you want to do everything to protect them and raise them to be be a happy child who becomes a productive member of society. You try to do all the right thing for them, and sometimes those decisions are difficult ones.
My baby is now 17 years old and is a happy, healthy young man. Last night as I was texting him the same text I text him almost weekly, sometimes bi-weekly I realized that I am a horrible mother. What kind of living caring mother would continually subject their child to that? Did those words types ever so gleefully onto my phone change things? Did I change my mind? NO! As I am realizing this I thought I will continue these text for as long as I need too.
The text, the same one every time goes like this: meet me at happy hour. . . send and my 5 little words are gone, they end up on his phone which he received somewhere on his commute home. He gets off the train and comes to meet me and my friends as we drink the best $3.00 margaritas any happy hour has. I always have a come for him, sometimes calamari sometimes just chips.
Anyways I just has to share how sometimes you try do hard to do the right thing for your kids but then there are those 5 little words and you know that they are not the best ones for your child to continually read.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I got done work early so I decided I would go get a mani/pedi and relax a little.
I sat down in my lumpy chair and placed my feet in the luke warm water, I adjusted the chair massager and positioned it just as I like it.
After 10 mins someone came to assist me, she pulled my feet out of the water then placed a pillow in my lap, placed a towel over it and proceeded to put cotton and acetone over my gel nails and wrap them in foil. As soon as both hands were wrapped she started unwrapping and trying to remove the pre-exsisting gel from my nails. She was very confused why they didn't come right off an ended up doing more acetone soaked cotton and filing off the polish. After all the polish was scrapped from my right hand she realized my feet were still out of the water and places them back in the now cold water.
She began removing the gel from my left hand which came off very easy after sitting for 30 mins. Then began the process of filing and buffing my paper thin nails.
At this point another non English speaking women came to begin my pedicure. While the gal giving me my manicure placed the light box on the pillow that had been placed in my lap. Remember the towel that had been placed over the pillow? It was left there along with the gel scrapings from my nails. I know YUCK!
At this point I am balancing the light box so it will not fall in the water while I am getting my feet massaged and getting gel applied.
After an hour the ordeal was over and I left the salon vowing never to return there again.