Monday, March 16, 2009

Cow Parade

Yesterday Deidra DRUG me to La Jolla to a cow parade, she LOVES cows. We walked all over down town La Jolla and saw each and everyone of them. She took three pictures at each cow. Yikes! This cow was titled Running with the Bulls. It was fun, especially when I got to get a little bit of shopping in.
Big changes are coming to our house! We are going to remodel our kitchen, if Bill and I can agree on a cabinet front. More excitement to come. Yesterday we were at the store for 3 hours looking at cabinets, I can hardley wait until my kitchen need to be demo. I might be calling on my day. Jeff and Bill work at a snails pace, I can already feel the anxiety about it even as I type this.

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D said...

Haha...yes, I drug you kicking and screaming! lol :)