Tuesday, June 2, 2009

High School Orientation Night

Tonight we went to our high school orientation. This has been a long difficult decision, I feel that we made a great choice (this was my first choice). The school has 3 high school on one campus that they call "the village". Each high school has a maximum of 500 students, I love small schools for Wyatt. Wyatt got to go to the"fishbowl" that is where all the freshman classes are and the principal office is located. He is very excited about high school now. Yeah!

This is "The Village" it is huge, I feel like I am on a college campus and there is a big strip mall located in the village, I am standing there taking the picture . They have Starbucks, Cold Stone ice cream, Trader Joes, a pizza place and lots of other food stores. I think that was the nail that sealed the deal about the school.

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