Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 more days

Last night I made giant sugar cookies for my class as well as homemade butter cream frosting. This morning when I got to school I assembled kits for each child to take home and decorate their own cookies. Each kit contained 2 giant homemade sugar cookies, 2 colors of frosting, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, and colored sugar as well as Popsicle sticks, a candy cane and a unicorn lollipop I bought for them in Disneyland and of course each kit had a stuffed animal in the bag with a silver bell around its neck.
Did I mention that the part theme was Polar Express?
Each kid came to school in their pajama. We ate donuts and drank hot chocolate, then we visited the elf's work shop stations and did a number of crafts, we had a book gift exchange ate a friendship lunch (a lunch that a friend brought to school for another friend) and ate cupcakes. Mr. Paul the director came in and read 3 stories to the kids we had a great day!

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