Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I love my cat, he is just so cool! He has that gray goatee under his chin and he loves to go down to the beach and play in the white wash. Right now with the weather changing he is loosing his winter fur because the weather is waming up a bit. I am finding clumps of gray fur everywhere.
I am so looking forward to a much needed girls night out Friday, it has been a while, since the craziness of robotics began. I would never give up helping out my kid, I can never get those moments back. I know many people think that they need to do things for themselves to make themselves happy, but I am a mom and it is a job, I can't leave my kids to go do things all the time just because I need some "me" time. My boys are great people and I am so glad I have all these memories with them. I do not someone else to have memories of me not being there.
Today, go out, hug your kids and be there with them, for them and enjoy each moment today, soon enough we will have all the "me" time we want and we will miss the things that we didn't do with our kids. It IS our job to take care of and raise our children, not the rest of the world.

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