Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This weekend

So the last few weeks have been super duper busy for me trying to help get everything in order for the robotics team to go to the world championships in St. Louis. It was been a lot of crazy busy days and nights. Finally, last Tuesday night everything was ready. . . then I got the e-mail the one as a parent you would dread getting. It was from Wyatt's Chemistry teacher, he had a project due Friday and he did not turn it in nor was it close to being turned in. She was explaining that she could not keep Wyatt from attending Championships but had to let me know that he would not be allowed any extra time to make up this project since they had two months to work on it.
WOW did my blood boil, I walked very calmly over to my 16 year old son and explained to him that he would not be going to the championships in the morning with us, that he would not be on the field competing with the driver and operator of the robot. He was shocked and very upset his job was a very big one on the team and I am sure he thought I would let him go. During the 45 min. car rid home he tried to blame everyone else, including myself. . I very calmly explained to him that I was not put on this earth to be his friend but to raise him up to be a productive, good member of society. It was not easy to do this but it had to be done.
Leaving my house at 4:00am Wednesday was so hard, I felt guilty and I am sure that he thought I would not go either, I had committed and had responsibilities to fulfill. I did get to see Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith open for them, which was a great performance. I also got to go up inside the arch which was so amazing!
The team lost in the semi-final but won their first ever Championship award. . .Motorola Quality Award, an award for the engineering of their robot.
Looking back on the trip now it was kind of a blur I fed the team, I did whatever I had to do but it was strange and different. I am hoping that it mad an impact on my son only time will tell.
(I am sure you noticed I used the word CALMLY and I am sure it was only in my imagination, I am sure I was not so calm)

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