Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 months later. . .

I know there is no excuse to have been gone for so long but I really have been super busy. I know I am not working this year but I am busier volunteering than I was working.

Christmas is going to be here before we know it and I do not feel ready, I have very little decorations up, I sent someone who shall remain nameless but the initials are JWES out to pick up a tree the other day and he came back with the smallest funkiest tree ever! Wyatt loves it but I am not even motivated to even decorate it or really look at it, I suppose I will get around to doing something to it but for now it in the corner in a tree stand. It is really sad!

Love this new website called alicecorrine it finds great deals and it is super cute. Click on the link and check it out.

Jeff and Sam arrive in the Philippians the other day and are now leaving to go to Thailand Sunday. They are having a good trip so far and I cannot wait to hear all about it.

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