Monday, January 9, 2012

Word for 2012

I was waiting for this to arrive to share my word of the year. Yup NO EXCUSES. I liked these words because so many of us make so many excuses everyday. I need to get back to getting healthy and many other things that I use an excuse for, mostly "I am to busy" this year I need to own my self and my actions. I will have no excuses for not doing things I enjoy, I can add those into this crazy, busy life that people don't get WHY I am so busy. Want to find out try being me for 24 hours you would see why I am busy and have used excuses to clog my life. Not this year! I love my crazy, busy, frantic run here do this meet with him then with her life. My boys are amazing, great kids who have goals and ambitions for their future and I know I have hung with them, been there and I will continue to give my all while I continue to be there for them first. I will work me time in around them, I will say no because I don't want to do something, and all the other thing we do every day to make ourselves feel better by giving that excuse.

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