Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Busy day

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. It started out with a quick breakfast with Wyatt where I spilled salsa down the front of my shirt.
Next we headed down to City Hall for a robot demo to get politicians excited for the up coming San Diego Regional. I dropped the kids off on the corner with the totes and went to the parking garage where I locked my purse and keys in the trunk. Luckily I had not locked my car door so I was able to quickly get retrieve my keys.
When I got to City Hall I found out that my camera lens is broken, it will not zoom. I am so bummed but hoping I can take it in to get repaired. The amazing thing about City Hall was all the news media that came out to see our demo.
One more week and all the award submissions need to be submitted and it is getting a little crazed.

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