Saturday, March 10, 2012


I guess I hadn't noticed the weight of my giant tote purse, not until one of the students in the engineering lab had to pass it to me the other day and made a comment.
I am sure I hadn't noticed the weight because it's like your child, you begin carrying it around as a baby and by the time they are 40 pounds you don't notice because you have been carrying them around since thy were 7 pounds. After the heaviness of my purse was pointed out to me I noticed it, I mean really noticed it.
I decided three days later that I needed to go to coin start and empty the change that had made the bottom of my. At their home. I knew there was a lot and did not want to roll it. After scooping and picking all the change out of the bottom my bag I had $76.04 worth of change that I had been toting around.
My bag is so much lighter now.

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