Thursday, April 12, 2012


My toes were in desperate need of a pedicure today so on my way south towards San Diego I decided to stop and try out a new salon to get a pedicure. I walked into the shop and was greeted by some very cheerful women. I was directed to the wall of polish and asked to choose a color, so many colors and I had to choose only one.
After I chose a pretty blue I was seated in a lovely massage chair with heated seats. How did they know I love heated seats?!?! Next, they placed a large pillow on my lap and reclined my seat. Wow a nap too! Pretty soon she began working on my toes without a word to me. Did she know exactly what I wanted? I guess . . . I couldn't see one thing she was doing over the giant green pillow placed on my lap. Eventually the pillow was removed, my flip flops had been place gently on my feet and I was directed to a toe dryer. My blue toes looked beautiful, what would this cost me I had not told her what type of pedicure I wanted, all I knew was my back was so warm, sweat was beading up on my forehead and I had blue toes.
Wow $18.00 plus a tip was all I was charged for the mystery pedicure. Will I go back to this salon? Maybe. . . I will have to be sure that I do not get a fungal infection in my toes but the experience was nice and the place looked clean. Only time will tell.

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