Thursday, July 19, 2012

Manicure experience

The other day I went in to get a much needed manicure. I tried out a new place in Del Mar, not near the beach Del Mar.
I should have followed my instincts when I walked into shop and there were 4 inch red sticker numbers on each of the 12 manicure tables, a pile of towels in the corner (don't know if they were clean or dirty).
After being greeted and telling the pregnant lady who was walking around outside what I wanted I was directed into the back. One of the ladies was directing me to the pedicure chair, I explained to her that I only wanted a manicure.
My nails were a mess and the older lady says "oh your nails are soooo short and cute!" she begins trimming my cuticles where she cuts down to much on my middle finger and blood is gushing out like Old Faithful. She rips offa piece of cotton and takes a dropper from her purse with some blue liquid that was obvious she added herself. I told her to hold up an asked what that was. She replied "it will stop the bleeding", foolish me I let her continue bleeding finger an all.
Once my nails are filed short and painted she proceeds to move my hair and begins rubbing my overly tense neck ( it didn't feel to bad). Before I knew it her had was down the back of my shirt and he is rubbing my shoulders and back, really?!? I tell her to stop and she proceeds to move her hands forward towards my chest. OMG.! I jump up out of my chair and ask her how much I owed her.
I guess I will not be going to that place ever again!!

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