Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy cat story

The other night I was going for my run/walk and thought I would take Bandit out to get a bit of exercise. We were not very far when a lady made a comment about how good my dog was not to be bothered by that cat behind us. I turned around and it was Ezekiel. Who as soon as I spoke to him ran up to walk with us. Bandit and I started to run and the cat started to meow so loud and crazy like he sounded like he was hurt. We stopped, then he ran up to us. Bandit and I started to run again and the screams started again, this time a women going by on her bike stopped and thought the cat was hurt. I explained to her that he was only mad because we were running. We all ended up walking round trip 2 miles, the dog the cat and myself. Along the way I met many people who knew my cat some see him on the bluff, some see him chasing squirrels, others see birds darting at him while other see him in the ocean. I even met a women who said he jumped in her car the other day. Yes I have a crazy cat that thinks he is a dog. and We are all so happy to have him back, well maybe not Bill at night. The dog, and the cat both sleep right between us at night.

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