Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

Last night was Hallowen and we ended up with 9 kids at our house to go trick or treating. I ordered 2 Manhattan Giant Pizzas, vegis, cupcakes and I made brownies. Five adults and 9 kids head south to go ask each and every house for candy, the kids did not miss one house. We finally made it the mile down the street to the haunted house, which each kid loved, during the mile walk back to our house a few of the younger kids were getting tired, their bags were sooooo heavy and their feet hurt. All in all it was very fun Wyatt got way to much candy and was sad it was over. I am so glad we live in So Cal as a child growing up in Maine I remember may Halloweens having to put on my snowsuit under my costume. We had a very warm beautiful evening, I am sure by Christmas I will not be thinking warm weather is so nice. Christmas is meant to be cold.

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Melanie said...

I remember snowsuits under my costume.. my mum had to make sure my costume was too big so that I could wear at least a sweater underneath!!