Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am still alive

I have not died, I have just been super duper busy this week. My girlfriend from Oregon came down this week and we have been hanging out whenever I had free time. I was busy planning this and putting on the sponsor appreciation/Holy Cows award banquet dinner. Me and my annal overdoing it ways made Holy Cow logo Shrinky Dinks then wrapped them around the utensils, the were so cute that we are going to make necklaces and earrings out of them and sell them at the school as a fundraiser. The dinner went really well, they even gave me an award ( I think they made it up to keep me helping, feeding and traveling with the team) Parent of the Year.
I did get a chance to go up to the American Girl doll store in LA at the Grove, I love that mall I cannot wait to get back their soon.

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