Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So far 15 . . .

has been not the best year ever! It started off with the fall off the skateboard and cutting up the face, then puberty hit dropped T's and all the changes, and now a ruptured eardrum. Yup my baby has a ruptured eardrum, the day before he is suppose to fly to Indiana for a robotics competition. We spent our evening at the Dr. office, got antibiotics, ear drops, a bottle of motrin and a travel size Vaseline and cotton balls. Tomorrow morning I am sending my 15 year old baby and his ruptured eardrum off across the country with 2 men and 4 other teenage boys. NO I am not going on this trip, I didn't plan on going because I really wanted Wyatt to travel without me and now I feel bad and at the same time I know he is fully capable of taking all his meds and stuff himself. . . OK I wrote him out a full schedule of when to take everything and showed him where on the dropper 3 drops is. Wish me luck.

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