Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome Mr. Sun

The last two morning I was awaken very early by the beautiful, bright light of the sun. My mood has been so much happier these days. I hadn't realized how depressed I was getting with the four months of gray, gloomy weather. I have been forcing myself to get up each morning and do different activities, I have been paddle surfing with different friends and found that I love it. I have been working frantically in my classroom trying to change it and make it perfectly, perfect for the first day with my little kindergartners ( I have some very big shoes to fill, the wonderful teacher who has taught kindergarten at my school before has set the academic bar pretty high). I started crafting (quilting and crocheting) with an amazing group of women who are super supportive, easy going, honest (I am still learning a lot from them) and fun.
This past weekend we redid Wyatt's bedroom, it looks very teenager esk. Gray, red, white and a bit of black. Jeff came down and did his handy artwork on the wall, it looks great! the painting goes around to the other wall next to his door.
I am so blessed to have such awesome responsible boys, true friends and an awesome life and man I am so blessed that the sun had returned!!

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Gloria said...

I love looks so so a new # 858-519-7307..its an I phone...