Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some Fun Volunteering

Yesterday we went to the Jenna Druck Foundation Family Day and volunteered a few hours of our day helping out during some grief counseling and at their picnic. It was a really good reminder of how lucky we are. I worked with the children some who lost parents, one who's 5 year old brother drowned on Father's Day, one who's mom delivered a baby and it died as the child was looking at her for the first time and a 10 year old boy who's dad just left the family and he has never heard from him. I knew I couldn't have helped in the Mom or the Dad grief counseling, many of them lost children tragically. Cancer, drive by shooting, traffic accidents and even abductions and murder. I would have been a mess.
I was able to meet Dr. Ken Drucker who started this foundation after his 21 year old daughter was killed in a bus accident while away at school. He is an amazing man to turn such a tragedy into such a beautiful thing for these families.
Here is a picture one of the children took of me. They were all so excited to get to use my camera. . . I had to delete 889 pictures. They had such a great time snapping photos around the room.
Wyatt was caught as well by one of the children. He helped set up, take down and rearrange chairs, serve food and play games with the children. . .how cool to get service hours and be able to play football.

I got to take pictures of the kids as they acted completely goofy, silly and just plain excited. I was nice to see them laughing and having fun.

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