Thursday, December 9, 2010

Have you ever. . .

. . listened to the sound of really big waves through the fog and wondered what they looked like? This morning it was super, duper foggy at my house and I went to meet a good friend at the beach for some girl talk before work; just what the DR ordered. Once the fog lifted we saw these giant waves and it was a beautiful sunny, crisp winter day. . .where are the warm California days I love?

. . . wondered why a friend would tell you things like "oh I don't really like that friend" then turn around and say she is my BFF? I do not get it, I am really having a hard time right now with two faced "friends". . . I love my really tried and true friends, you know them the ones who are always there to listen to you, go places with you or just sit with you. The ones who love to do the same things as you or the ones who don't like them at all but introduce you to things they enjoy and its ok because you are having fun, laughing and listening to each other.

. . . tried making 12 quick Christmas crafts for your new group of super crafty friends and hope that your craft is as good as theirs? I still have 4 to do by next week.

. . . offered to have a BBQ at your house only to find out 40 teenagers (mostly boys) will be coming to eat? YIKES I am going to be busy Sunday after competition.

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