Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Day . . .

Last night I added another notch in my "Worst Mother in the Universe" belt. I have a giant cut on the bottom of my foot, I took the band aid off and threw it at Wyatt, well he jumped and went back into the wall throwing his left shoulder up against the door jam. I felt so bad, it really hurt him. He needed some Motrin which he hasn't taken in two days. It was an innocent mistake right?
Today I have been trying to find songs for "Kindergarten Graduation" , finish up their photo books (yes, I keep adding to them) I will find a great quoter for a certain child or think of something else I want to say in their letter on the last page. It has sort of taken over my thoughts. They will have these books for the rest of their lives, I want them to remember me for ever, ever.
Do you have anything at the moment you are obsessing on?

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