Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June

Today is June 1st and the sun is shinning here today I am very surprised because we should be have the not so wonderful June Gloom. We didn't have much May Gray either, wow maybe this summer will end up being nice after all.
So my post a few days ago about the SURFING MADONNA was found and posted on her Facebook page. I was so surprised when I saw it linked up there for the world to see, I keep my little blog for my family and friends to read not everyone on FB, oh well.
I hope everyone has a wonderful June and the best summer, you know the kind you has when you were a kid, the ones when you didn't have a care in the world? You would leave your house on the morning on your bike, play all day with your friends an go home to eat when the sun went down? That is the kind of carefree summer I wish for you, I am going to try to have a summer like that and enjoy my son before he is gone off to college and is to busy for his old mom. Enjoy your days, weeks and summer!

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