Sunday, May 13, 2012

Night out in San Diego

Last night I went out downtown San Diego, we had a blast. We started out our night with dinner at Bice an awesome Italian restaurant. The food was great and the adult beverages were amazing. I started out with an espresso martini, followed by many bottles of chianti, then after dinner my new favorite drink sambucca, a black licorice flavored liquor. It leaves the most amazing taste in your mouth.
After dinner we went to Prohibition, an underground club, you had to be on a list prior to getting the directions to the secret door. One through the door we went down several flight of stairs to a club decorated in the prohibition era style. The menu was gin, whiskey and scotch based drinks. I had a beer but it was really bitter. We had so much fun here I want to go back. Next we walked over to a club called Whiskey Girl and there was a huge line waiting to get in, we got lucky and didn't have to wait in line or pay the cover charge. It was so nice to be inside and dance. When we first hit inside security was cleaning up the tables, I mean people were seated and their seats and tables were taken from them to make room for dancing.
It was such a nice evening to be out with great friends and have no worries. The three hours of sleep we got was worth it, we all had fun and decided we need to do it again soon.

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