Thursday, June 14, 2012

A harsh realization

You know as a parent of a new born you want to do everything to protect them and raise them to be be a happy child who becomes a productive member of society. You try to do all the right thing for them, and sometimes those decisions are difficult ones.
My baby is now 17 years old and is a happy, healthy young man. Last night as I was texting him the same text I text him almost weekly, sometimes bi-weekly I realized that I am a horrible mother. What kind of living caring mother would continually subject their child to that? Did those words types ever so gleefully onto my phone change things? Did I change my mind? NO! As I am realizing this I thought I will continue these text for as long as I need too.
The text, the same one every time goes like this: meet me at happy hour. . . send and my 5 little words are gone, they end up on his phone which he received somewhere on his commute home. He gets off the train and comes to meet me and my friends as we drink the best $3.00 margaritas any happy hour has. I always have a come for him, sometimes calamari sometimes just chips.
Anyways I just has to share how sometimes you try do hard to do the right thing for your kids but then there are those 5 little words and you know that they are not the best ones for your child to continually read.
Have a wonderful day!

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Gloria said...

Dear Cathy,
You are an amazing wonderful very loving mother. He is so lucky to have you as his mom. I don't think the text matter what really matters is that you show up for him all the time. That you are there present. The he knows you adore him just as we all do..
you are an amazing mom don't let anyone ever tell you any different...