Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I got done work early so I decided I would go get a mani/pedi and relax a little.
I sat down in my lumpy chair and placed my feet in the luke warm water, I adjusted the chair massager and positioned it just as I like it.
After 10 mins someone came to assist me, she pulled my feet out of the water then placed a pillow in my lap, placed a towel over it and proceeded to put cotton and acetone over my gel nails and wrap them in foil. As soon as both hands were wrapped she started unwrapping and trying to remove the pre-exsisting gel from my nails. She was very confused why they didn't come right off an ended up doing more acetone soaked cotton and filing off the polish. After all the polish was scrapped from my right hand she realized my feet were still out of the water and places them back in the now cold water.
She began removing the gel from my left hand which came off very easy after sitting for 30 mins. Then began the process of filing and buffing my paper thin nails.
At this point another non English speaking women came to begin my pedicure. While the gal giving me my manicure placed the light box on the pillow that had been placed in my lap. Remember the towel that had been placed over the pillow? It was left there along with the gel scrapings from my nails. I know YUCK!
At this point I am balancing the light box so it will not fall in the water while I am getting my feet massaged and getting gel applied.
After an hour the ordeal was over and I left the salon vowing never to return there again.

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