Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Drive

I arrived in Maine last night, it was 32 and cold, I loved it. This morning my dad wanted to take me up to the lake and then over to see his new lot. On our travels to and from the woods I saw many interesting things, I saw a bunch of wild turkeys but when we co the truck turned around and drove back to them they were going back into the forest.
Here were 5 very health deer out in a field grazing, you may be asking yourself why would the deer be out in plain site turning during hunting season. . . well these deer were smart and moved into a protected game reserve, they can not be killed while on this property. I think they like to tease the hunters.

On the camp road we saw this cute little partridge. No we did not see the pear tree. Now this bird could have been shot but luck for him the only shooting aimed at this bird was my camera.

On our way back home we saw this ice that was broken and hung up on the trees, it was way cool. I snapped a bunch of pictures of it.

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