Sunday, November 1, 2009

Race 4 a Cure

I got up in the very dark, dark morning to head down to San Diego for a really great cause, a breast cancer awareness walk. Several people from our school walked in honor of Linda Wulle, a wonderful women who was the director of our school. For some members of Team Linda it was their first race ever. It is amazing what a great cause can bring out in people. Deidra and I walking on the freeway that they closed off for thr race, It's pretty cool to be walking on a freeway with traffic zooming by you on the other side. :) This was Deidra's first walk of any kind and I think she might be hooked now.
This is a group shot of Team Linda at the finish line. It was a beautiful day in America's Finest City for a walk. As you can tell we all stood out in our shirts.


D said...

I think I could very easily get hooked :)

Suzie Q said...

What a great day!