Thursday, January 28, 2010

Better days are on there way. . .

Check Spelling I LOVE sunflowers! Look at them. . . how can you not be happy looking at them?
These last 6 weeks have been so crazy for me!!! My mother in laws 88 year old cousin, Lou, was in a car accident, severed her spine, had surgery and is now having to leave the rehab hospital.
Yesterday was so crazy I NEVER want to be in a hospital or get old. She was scheduled to go to a skilled nursing facility near my house, but 3 hours prior to the ambulance getting her the facility called and said they were worried about her insurance not paying. Then Karen (Lou's niece) and I were racing around to find Lou a new facility. We find her one 40 mins from my house. On my way to pick up Wyatt from school I stopped by the hospital to visit, I was thee when the ambulance called the Pineapple Express came to take her away to her new facility. YEAH!
You might think that is the end of it. . . well you are ohhhh soooo wrong. Lou gets to her new facility only to find out that they do not have her listed as coming to this facility nor do they have a room for her. Karen was a little upset ok a lot mad. Lou was so upset and unhappy and oh so confused. Back in the ambulance she went back to the hospital another 40 mins in the Pineapple Express.
Karen said this morning when she arrived at the hospital Lou was so happy and said the nurses love having her at the hospital. . . she did not remember anything about yesterday. Thank you gracious Lord You are so good!
Finally after looking at two more facilities today we found a new place for Lou to move too so she can do her rehab. And it is 2 minutes from my work. God has a plan and we never know what it is but He does.
Did I mention I love sunflowers? I do they are so bright, sunny and cheery!

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