Friday, January 8, 2010

First week of 2010

So the first week of 2010 is finally over, it has been a long week! This week started out with Jeff's fantastic art show, which is where I took this picture of he and Dahlia.
I went back to school this week and I visited the hospital nightly to see Jeannie's cousin Lou. We found out this week that she is going to have to have surgery for her severed spine next Saturday. All this because someone was driving to fast and ran into the back of the car she was a passenger in 3 weeks ago. I had 2 students out of school this week for a cold and pink eye.
Tomorrow I start back at my 1/2 marathon walk training. Yikes, I am so out of shape, I have been walking the stairs at the hospital and even did the 7 floors of stairs to meet the surgeon. I was so winded.
I hope next week is slower but I doubt it sine tomorrow is the big First Robotic Kick off for 2010 season, so I seriously doubt that my life will be easier next week.
Send me good wishes for the next 7 weeks of robotic season. I will be making dinners and taking them for the team so am gonna be a busy momma.

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