Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Today is Valentine's Day and I spent the start of it in the ER . Jeannie was getting out of her bed last night to go potty, stubbed her toe, felt herself falling and tried to stop herself with her hand instead of catching herself she whacked her wrist on the edge of her dresser. She knew it was broken, so I splinted it and made a make shift sling and off we were to the hospital 35 mins away. After 5.5 hours we were back home.

I woke up a three hours later to a beautiful bouquet of orange Gerber daises. Wyatt snuck off to the florist down the street and bought them for me. He is such a sweet boy, I love him a bunch and I am really enjoying watching the person he is becoming.

I hope you are having a wonderful Love Day and sharing it with someone special to you.

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