Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heart Knot

I L-O-V-E hearts, I always have, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday and I want my future bakery to be named. . . well something about hearts. I have hear shaped measuring cups and measuring spoons and yet I still do not have the heart shaped cake pans I have coveted since I was young. No Hint! :)
When my friend Gloria told me about this photo challenge from this awesome website where the girl also loves hearts I had to do it. I remembered I had this picture from this past summer on the east coast. I notice hearts everywhere. I love them. I have more heart pictures and I also know where there is another heart shaped knot in a tree here near my house. I will post more heart pictures over the next week.

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Gloria said...

cathy...please send this over to my friend chrissies blog...CULTIVATE.....IT SO PERFECT