Sunday, April 18, 2010

Championships in Atlanta

I just got back from the world robotics competition in Atlanta, GA it was very exciting and very tiring! I took my camera and computer and figured I would blog every day well I for got the most important thing. . .my memory card reader. So here are some pictures:

Wyatt and a few of the many, many new mascot friends he made this weekend. That is the tallest frog I have ever seen.
My poor baby was so hot and with that bruise eye Cameron one of the seniors told him he looked like he was in an Ultimate Fight match and lost. He was so wet the picture does not do the wetness or smell justice.

Here are Wyatt and a few of the Juniors practicing that Gracious Professionalism Dean Kaman and First are always talking about.

OHHH my the balloons were everywhere in the Georgia Dome, it was crazy!
Saturday night after the Championships were over and done it was crazy getting up the escalators as a matter of fact the one on the left of the picture stopped working under all the weight. It was really a great weekend and even though the Holy Cows did not win we all had a great time.

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