Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last day of being 14

Today is your last day of being 14 years old. You began 14 as a middle schooler and ended it as a freshman. When I think of this past year I will remember:

~Your love of skateboarding and all the shoes you have worn out
~The size 13 shoes you fit into
~How the orthodontist made your teeth oh so straight and beautiful
~You got to be Daisy the mascot for the robotics team and how you danced yourself silly
~ You wanted to go to High School in San Diego and you knew exactly what train and bus you
need to get there.
~ You have become so independent this year
~Over spring break you decide you L-O-V-E to sleep late
~You learned how to drive the rental car on the camp road
~You love to ride your bike all over town
~ You developed a love of Caesar salad this year and want it every day for lunch and dinner
~You had your first whoopie pie
~You got your first pedicure this year bright red. . .remember don't fall asleep on the couch
~You still love Pokemon
~ You love to hang with your brother

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