Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday

So Wyatt's birthday started out like any other day, he came to my school to visit and have birthday donuts with the kids in my class, I offered to take him home while they were at recess but he said no he wanted to get home and hang with his friends. At 10:20 am he calls me and says he fell from his skateboard and hit his head pretty hard and needed me to come home. I was not prepared for what I saw. He was on the couch with a frozen bag of pearl onions covering his eye. It was really swollen and looked awful. I decided he needed to go to the ER and just get it checked out. Yes he was wearing his helmet and when his giant 5'11" body fell if forced the helmet up hitting the bone above the eye socket.
We were told he had a concussion and if he continued throwing up to take him to Children's Hospital in San Diego. We did not do a CAT scan because he had no blood behind or in his eye and I am not a fan of unnecessary scans etc.

Get ready here it is:

He is feeling better after a 2 hour nap (yes a nap the doctor said it was a myth ) and Motrin. Of course what you can't tell is how far out that eye is sticking, it looks like he has a golf ball under that lid.
Of course since it is his birthday so I changed his theme to pirates. . . the patch was to small to cover the golf ball sized eye socket.

Of course he has to cover his eye to see because the light coming in under the lashes drives him crazy.

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