Wednesday, June 23, 2010

7 more days

Wow! how come I do not feel my age? I am proudly turning 43 years old in 7 days but man oh man, I do not feel that old. After school gets out I am thinking of going camping in Santa Barbra, I love it up their and I haven't been for a while. Wyatt wants to take a road trip to Tombstone AZ but I an thinking that the 115 degree weather will have to wait and maybe we will road trip to another cooler place. I am working on the list of 43 things I want to do in my 43rd year on Earth, I am excited to share that list with everyone.
I just signed up to begin another boot camp, I am hoping a different location and instructor will help me forget about passing out last summer due to my anemia. It is under control now but I still cannot shake that fear. Wish me luck!
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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