Sunday, April 3, 2011

San Jose weekend

This weekend was another crazy robotics regional competition in San Jose. We got on a charter bus and drove 10 hours to San Jose. . .ok I was not part of the "we" I drove up with my friend Sally whose daughter is a senior on the team. As with every competition it is crazy for me, feeding the team, taking lots of photos, and making sure the kids are where they are suppose to be. They kept winning each match and by the time we left the arena they were undefeated. Saturday they lost their first match to the only other undefeated team and the competition was good and it ended up coming down to who could get their mini bot up the pole first. . . they beat us and it was fine, we knew we would be chosen to be on their alliance in the end. Team 254 The Cheesy Poofs chose us, they have won 12 Silicon Valley Regional competitions. We were all super excited. Here is Wyatt during a time out during the finals helping Jon get Daisy Maize ready to bust a mooove during our event. Wyatt was really nervous during the finals, he will tell you no but I watched his body language change. He did awesome and I am one super proud mom. Here they are right after they were announced winners!This was the very first time the Cows have won a Regional.

Here are the mentors and the drive team left to right is David, Jeremy, Ethan, Wyatt, Jon and Bill.

Way to go Holy Cows!!

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