Sunday, April 10, 2011

Surprise Party

Thursday was Wyatts 16th birthday and we took him out to dinner, I am pretty sure he thought I might do something. . . but no it was pretty uneventful. But Friday I had plans with the help of Jon Jack and Carmel. Jon called a drivers "practice" but actually they were going to go play laser tag. Jon told them that a sponsor gave them a gift certificate to play since they won the Silicon Valley Regional, then they were going to be treated to dinner at Corvettes. I was at Corvettes with several of Wyatts other team members and school friends. They all live to far from the house to get up here. When Wyatt came in he thought Jon had invited me to come eat with them. He was surprised and happy to have a party.
17 milkshakes, 19 burgers and fries and 2 salads later everyone was full and happy

Instead of the usual ice cream sundae I asked them to bring out a platter of Cotton Candy, they put a candle in it and sang to him. The Cotton Candy was a big hit.
The girls created moustaches and farm animals with it
This was the favorite gift of the evening. Carmel made him this, I am not sure what it is but it is cute. My favorite gift was his first aide kid from a girl on his team (he is a little accident prone).

Tonight we are having all the neighborhood kids and old time friends over for a BBQ. The never ending 16th birthday.

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