Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Support

You know how wonderful it is to have great besties? You know them the ones who will show up at your house when they haven't heard from you in a week and kidnap you and take you out just to visit. Yup I have those kind of true friends. Well on my recent trip to San Jose I had all kinds of drama with parents and it really bothers me, I do not like drama or people being upset, especially when children are involved.
Tuesday night I had a parent meeting to go over the details for the World Championships in St. Louis, yup you guessed it drama mama was there. She was asking the dumbest questions and all of our blood was boiling. After the meeting she was told that her and her child would not be able to attend STL due to circumstance on San Jose. She was beyond mad. She went out and was complaining for 20 minutes to some other parents about how awful I am and I need to leave the team and she wants my "job". My "job" is a kindergarten teacher I volunteer to help out!
Ok so that was my tangent. . . .I get a call when I get home from my sweet friend, who is on vacation on the east coast, just to see how the meeting went. We talked for an hour it is so nice to have girlfriends who will call you from their vacations just to see how a difficult situation turned out. The next day this amazing bottle of Opolo Mountain Zinfandel arrived at my house with the sweetest note. I am saving it until the three of us can drink it and watch the sunset. I love you girls and thanks for being there!! Love you

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