Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cutest Babies since. . .

My son.
Wyatt (aka Moose) at 2 months
Today I went to Balboa Park with my good friends and their adorable children. I felt like I was out with rock stars everywhere we go people would stop and comment in amazement at them. Even the grumpiest people would stop and smile at them, it is amazing how small kids and infants just have that effect on people. Every parent is proud of their children and each one thinks their child has "that " special quality. Really each and every child does. They all have that, they haven't been tainted by life, society or even their parents. They ALL are soooo cute and they ALL put a smile on strangers faces and people do stop and comment, how can you not stop and comment on an adorable, sweet smelling baby.

Katelyn (aka K3) Kristen's beautiful baby

Franklin (aka Frank the Tank) Ali's "Little Bird"

Kai (aka I'm in my 2's) Stephanie's sweet and funny man.

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