Sunday, May 31, 2009

How I spent my Sunday

I spent the entire day at the San Diego Rock-N-Roll Marathon. My day began at 3:00am, I had spent the night at Gloria's house which gave me an extra 20 minutes of sleep, and yes it even helped her get up and going. We were the taxi service for other members (Uncle Mike) of her team and I dropped them off at the starting line and was on my way to my first mile marker to meet them and distribute all the goo and gel packets, oranges and cytomax and other energy drinks.

The Rock-N-Roll has so many crazy dressed runners, many many Elvis', a Forrest Gump, a Polynesian dancer and many other characters. (most of which were to fast for me capture on my camera since I was focused on my job).

Here is the only picture of Uncle Mike running his first marathon ever. Yup he had put new insoles in his old sneakers and decided he didn't like them so he gave me the gross, sweaty insoles, which I happily took and put in my back pack.

Dora and Patrick were with me the entire race, then after leaving the race Dora broke off and decided to become a tree hugger. Go Dora!


Gloria said...

Dear Cathy
thank you so much for all you did for me..I totally appreciate were supportive and understanding and there much love to you....from me gloria King

Melanie said...

poor Dora! I want her pretty bracelet! ;) Glad I wasn't on sweaty insole duty!!