Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shhhhh can you keep a secret?

OK, so can you keep a secret?

I went to the Del Mar Fairgrounds and I kind of got lost dropping off kids artwork and guess what I saw. . . the new fried fair food. and drum roll. . . . . . . it is. . . . . fried POP TARTS! Do you think they give you a choice of flavors? Do you think they fry them in the same oil as the fried frog legs? What about vegans who want fried avocado? Is that fried with the fried frog legs? At this one cart called totally fried they sell fried Krispie Kreme, fried Smores, fried zucchini weeni, of course the fried frog legs, fried avocado, fried vegi combo, fried Twinkies with chocolate or strawberry sauce, fried oreos and . . . . fried POP TARTS. Does anyone want to go get a heart attack on a stick? Location of TOTALLY FRIED is right at the end of the 4 H animal building. Enjoy!

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