Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Gloria

Today is my good friend Gloria's birthday. She has such a dynamic personality and is always up and happy even if inside she isn't. Gloria is carefree and loves life she doesn't let anything hold her back. I hope Gloria your next year is a good one for you and you get everything you want, I am glad I am able to call you friend.

Your friendship is special

Like the flowers that bloom,

Or when a butterfly emerges

From within its cocoon...

You remind me of that butterfly,

Loving and free,

Bright and colorful,

For the world to see...

We will share sunshine and rainbows;

Sometimes, the rain and the snow;

We'll stand together through it,

While the cold winds blow...

When the time is right,

We won't stop to ask "Why?"

Our friendship will take flight

On the wings of a butterfly ...

1 comment:

Gloria said...

okay I am crying...thanks Cathy...thanks..I love you too...